Pop Gym at Mayday

Come by this FREE Pop Gym Pop Up workshop to learn some introductory skills that will keep you feeling safe!

Please note: this workshop is geared towards Queer/Trans/GNC folks.

We’ll be covering the basics: stretching, conditioning, technique, and theory, with the hope that participants will leave with some super useful foundations that will aid them in the day-to-day.

Mix that in with some sweat and some movement, and you’ll have an accessible and confidence-boosting good time for all. Whether you are a beginner, or someone with experience, come work it out with us!

Pop Gym note: It’s important for us to say that we understand that when teaching self defense, attendees may feel more comfortable going to a workshop covering these potentially tough topics, led by folks who share similar identities with them. We try are best to make these workshops as accessible as possible to everyone, as self defense is a very personal topic; but we are also limited by the availability of our volunteer instructors. The head instructor for this workshop is white and masc presenting. If this is an issue for your training, contact us so we can try to recommend some alternative programs!