Strength in ourselves, strength in our communities. Free classes for fitness, self-defense, and self care.


POP Gym is a new project, working towards opening a physical space in Brooklyn that offers free self-defense, fitness, and skill share classes 7 days a week. We believe that everyone should access to skills that are necessary for their survival. Our mission is to open up a space in which folks can attend classes on fitness, self-defense, and a variety of other skill sets. While that dream is a long-way away, we are actively taking steps to reach this goal!

As we continue planning, we invite you to come by any of our free self-defense and de-escalation workshops around NYC (and surrounding areas)! Our workshops have been described as, “fun”, “holistic” and “empowering”, and for any questions, comments, or inquiries for future workshops for you or your organizations, email us at Check our schedule for a workshop near you, or email us to set one up for your group/organization.