Self-Defense Resources

A list some people and placs we think are super great!

Note: While we do our best to fully check out each resource we have listed here, situations may change without our knowing (i.e. problematic behavior might occur, a location might close, etc.). If you have any great resources to add (or any information on current resources we have listed), please feel free to email us at, so that we work together to make a resource list that is beneficial to the community at large.


** COVID Resources **

  • DV and Mutual Aid- Some Resources we thought might be useful for folks during this weird and scary time.
  • Health and Wellness- List of online classes available from some kewl folk!

Directories of Resources

Resource of the Month

Get to know some folks on our list a bit better with these short, sweet interviews!

Resource Lists (updated 3/05/2020)

See below for some of our personally compiled lists, featuring orgs and resources accessible through the online world or the physical world. These lists include resources related to Physical Self-Defense, Strength Training, Cybersecurity, Bystander Intervention, Physical Health, Mental Health, Food Resources & Sanctuary Support, Know Your Rights, & Disability Resources.

  • In-Person - Check out some orgs/places you can go to get your self-defense up (NYC-Specific locations, check some of the links in the “Directories of Resources” for spots around the country!)
  • Online- Rather stay in? We got you!

Coming Soon…

  • Gym Map- We’re puttin together a map of groups we like and where they’re located, if you’re more of a visual person or just travelling!