Self-Defense Resources

A list some people and placs we think are super great!

Note: While we do our best to fully check out each resource we have listed here, situations may change without our knowing (i.e. problematic behavior might occur, a location might close, etc.). If you have any great resources to add (or any information on current resources we have listed), please feel free to email us at, so that we work together to make a resource list that is beneficial to the community at large.

Resource of the Month

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Physical Self-Defense

  • Trans Boxing- Boxing classes and resources for Trans and NB folk
  • Queer Fight School- Follow them on Insta for updates on upcoming classes!
  • Traditional Okinawan Karate School- Affordable karate in East Williamsburg, with classes for Queer folk and/or Women
  • Rev Fitness- Affordable and rad fitness in East Harlem
  • Naomi Cookson- Muay Thai classes available in Red Hook at 356 Van Brunt Street. Classes are open to all levels; beginners are welcome. 18 years and up. Tuesday 10am // Thursday 10am & 7pm // Saturday 11:30am 10 Class Package $ 200 // 5 Class Package $ 125 // Drop-in $30. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Email for more information or just show up!
  • Center for Anti-Violence Education- Self-Defense and De-escalation classes for Femme, Queer and/or Trans folk
  • IMWISE- Self-Defense classes against Hate Crimes, for Muslim Women, and for the General Public
  • Masterskya- Low cost BJJ in Bushwick
  • Wickwood Aikikai- Aikido classes in Ridgewood Queens
  • Chok Sabai- Midtown Muay Thai/BJJ gym with Queer friendly environment
  • Overthrow- Boxing gym with locations in Brooklyn and the LES, somewhat affordable options available
  • Bronx Social Center- Offering karate classes twice a week in the South Bronx
  • Female Awareness- Constant self-defense classes in Midtown
  • Feminist Self-Defense- Self-Defense Workshops, with finance options for those who need
  • Westside TKD- Tae-Kwon-Do training in Harlem
  • Brooklyn Goju- “Martial Arts for Peace Strength and Justice” in Park Slope. “Trans & cis women, non-binary folks, gender-nonconforming people, and/or trans men are encouraged to train in our safe and inclusive space.”
  • Ruckus Safety Awareness- Self-Defense workshops, ranging from beginner to intermediate
  • Spectrum Wrestling- Queer+ BJJ group, offering free intro classes every Monday (message for deets!)
  • Peace Place Brooklyn- Offering Yoga classes to a variety of bodies
  • Brooklyn Community Pride Center- Offering a host of self-defense and health events every month
  • NightCAP (Cycling Against Patriarchy)- Offering free group rides for Femme/NB folk every Tuesday at 7 PM at Maria Hernandez park. For more info, check out their insta @nightcap_brooklyn

Strength Training


  • CyPurr Collective- Cybersecurity workshops and events!
  • NYC CryptoParty- Folks organizing cybersecurity events around NYC!
  • CryptoParty- Global listing of cybersecurity workshops and events
  • I/O- Offering weekly classes in Ridgewood

Bystander Intervention

  • Arab American Association of NY- With a mission to support and empower the Arab Immigrant and Arab American community, including bystander intervention trainings, and the Accompany Project

Physical Health

  • Callen-Lorde LGBTQ Health Services (Mental Health as well)
  • Third Root Acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, yoga at a sliding scale cost in Brooklyn
  • Cookie’s Joint Providing basic needs for “sex workers, trans women, undocumented folks, folks who have aged out of the NYC youth-only LGBT shelter system, disabled folks, etc”
  • NYC Condoms- Where to get free condoms in NYC
  • Cindy Samantha LMT- Integrative Body Work and Massage Therapist in South Brooklyn
  • Dance Safe- Providing harm reduction resources, and creating Safe Spaces at parties.
  • Feed the People- Serving food to folks in Harlem and the Bronx, check the @nyc_shutitdown insta for more info
  • Club A Kitchen- Serving food and handing out resources/clothes every Saturday from 1-4 PM at 7 Belvidere Street! Plus, community movie nights on Wednesdays (@club_a_nyc)

Mental Health Resources

Food Resources

Sanctuary Support

  • New Sanctuary Coalition- List of resources for sanctuary support
  • Brooklyn Defense Committee- Do you have an emergency plan if ICE comes to your community. Building a network of sanctuary space, give em a call at 347-762-4499 (Email:


Physical Self-Defense

Mental Health



  • Hollaback!- Resources for de-escalation on online harassment

Safe Spaces

  • The Dandelion Initiative- A non-profit supporting community-led action to end sexual violence, by survivors for survivors
  • Good Night Out- An independent, international initiative dedicated to helping the nighttime economy deal with, tackle and prevent harassment
  • SASS- Promoting Safer Spaces and best practices for venues in Calgary


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