Pop Gym Online

Hey all!

We had so much fun with the first two workshops, that we decided to do them weekly! The workshops will be a lil bit different each time, so keep an eye at popgym.org or any of our social media (@popgymbk) for upcoming events!

Please see below for some of our upcoming events:

Free to attend (donations welcome!), you can get the Zoom link by RSVPing at the addresses below, or email us at info@popgym.org! All money raised will go to reimburse instructors at future workshops!

All funds raised go to the Parole Prep NY!

See below for a general description:

We’re doing weekly Wednesday workshops! Still trying to figure out a full schedule, but we’re working it out week by week, next Wednesday being a chance to practice the techniques we’ve been teaching! Come by for some stretch/warmup, pad work, and deets on how to make your strikes a bit stronger! If we have time, we’ll also teach some new stuff

Click here to RSVP to recieve zoom link, or email us at info@popgym.org! This is an ONLINE workshop! Free to attend (donations welcome!). All money raised will go toward some projects we wanna support right now, will announce a new one every week.

Note: let us know by tuesday evening if you got a zoom link!

Find a space where you feel comfortable moving around in, ideally where you can stretch out your arms/legs without hitting anything!Open to all ages! We’ll be moving around, so participants should wear clothing in which they are comfortable stretching and sweating.