Queer Wrestling

Big, intro wrestling workshop, open to all LGBTQ community and allies. Getting started in wrestling & meeting new people on the mats.

Address: 104 Montgomery Street between Washington Ave. and Franklin Ave. in Crown Heights on the Museum Side of Eastern Parkway

From the 2,3 Brooklyn Museum stop, walk down Washington Avenue along the Botanical Gardens four blocks to Montgomery St. turn left.

From the 4,5 Franklin Stop, walk down Franklin Avenue past Union, President, Carrol etc. to Montgomery St. (five blocks) turn right.

From the B,Q Prospect Park stop, walk north on Flatbush to where it forks into Washington, walk on Washington past Lefferts, Sterling, etc. to Montgomery, turn right.

Buzzer #6 ** And below is our general event announcement **

Our Queer Wrestling Workshop is back! Presented by The Spectrum Wrestling Club and POP Gym

Experience the basics of friendly submission wrestling, aka submission grappling! This workshop is open to all levels, all genders, and is oriented toward beginners.

Our form of wrestling emphasizes controlling holds, escapes, and non-striking attacks to make your opponent “give up” (these are called “submissions”). Great for adding an element of safety and awareness to your rough-and-tumble play. Excellent for learning to move efficiently when on the ground. A mentally-stimulating total-body workout.

The workshop will feature an activity-specific warm-up, followed by a demonstration of matches by experienced members. We will observe the moves and positions used in those matches, and will then build our wrestle-learning work based on what we’ve seen.

Basic ground techniques, time for repetition and technical practice, plus live matches, for those who’d like to try.

All skill levels welcome – absolute beginners totally welcome! We will be focusing on introductory basics.

………………………………………………………………………. Recommended Attire – comfortable athletic clothing, such as T-shirt and shorts, rash guard, yoga pants, anything that allows easy movement and isn’t overly baggy. (no belt buckles, please)

** Participate at whatever level of intensity works for you. Beginners are strongly encouraged to work slowly and at low intensity.

** If you are nervous about getting on the mats for a first time, you are also welcome to come and just watch (no on-mat participation required). Meet the crew, ask questions, and check out what’s going on here.

** By Donation. Suggested $1 - $10. Donate what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds.

For more info, check out the event page: Queer Wrestling