Rage Yoga

Rage Yoga at the Dreamhouse

Every Tuesday, 8-9 PM, $5 suggested donation to support the Dreamhouse

Yoga to embrace the chaos of the mind and to fuel the battles of today. Come stretch, move and rage while listening to power-focused music; punk, hiphop, metal, hardcore, industrial.

This yoga practice aims to embrace as many bodies as possible, while seeking to reduce the appropriation associated with yoga. We will aim to build love and trust in the body; learning to recognize the difference between joyful challenge and possible injury. The class will look like 45 minutes of movement, 15 minutes of winding down.

Take what you need, beginners are welcome.

Kirsten is a queer from Queens who loves movement but manages chronic pain. She/they hope to help folks access calming techniques and to develop intuitive love and trust in the body while letting go of some of the bullshit in the mind.

1022 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood

If you can bring your own mat, that is helpful, no worries if not.