Self-Defense Resources

A list some people and placs we think are super great!


Physical Self-Defense


Bystander Intervention

  • Arab American Association of NY- With a mission to support and empower the Arab Immigrant and Arab American community, including bystander intervention trainings, and the Accompany Project

Physical Health

  • Callen-Lorde LGBTQ Health Services (Mental Health as well)
  • Third Root Acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, yoga at a sliding scale cost in Brooklyn
  • Cookie’s Joint Providing basic needs for “sex workers, trans women, undocumented folks, folks who have aged out of the NYC youth-only LGBT shelter system, disabled folks, etc”
  • NYC Condoms- Where to get free condoms in NYC
  • Cindy Samantha LMT- Integrative Body Work and Massage Therapist in South Brooklyn
  • Dance Safe- Providing harm reduction resources, and creating Safe Spaces at parties.

Mental Health Resources

Food Resources

Sanctuary Support

  • New Sanctuary Coalition- List of resources for sanctuary support
  • Brooklyn Defense Committee- Do you have an emergency plan if ICE comes to your community. Building a network of sanctuary space, give em a call at 347-762-4499 (Email:


Physical Self-Defense

Mental Health



  • Hollaback!- Resources for de-escalation on online harassment

Safe Spacaes

  • The Dandelion Initiative- A non-profit supporting community-led action to end sexual violence, by survivors for survivors
  • Good Night Out- An independent, international initiative dedicated to helping the nighttime economy deal with, tackle and prevent harassment
  • SASS- Promoting Safer Spaces and best practices for venues in Calgary

Know Your Rights